Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trust No One By: Paul Cleave

Wow! Just Wow! Paul Cleave gives Stephen King a run for his money... I'm not even sure the two can be compared but Oh My Gosh the way Cleave weaved this story together was just incredible. This book kept me guessing until the last chapter. 'Trust No One' is a total page turner, with engaging characters and a fluid plot line with many twists and turns. Jerry Grey is one of my most favorite characters in fiction this year. This crime-thriller is sure to have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. 
good characters/great at bringing them to life
great use of space and time
great use of objects within the story 
good writing (some spelling errors, but overall good) 
Great plot
Great descriptions of places and things 
Great ability to draw the reader in and keep attention
Great attention to detail

Sometimes the story was hard to follow due to the main character, Jerry's Alzheimer's disease.
Author sometimes goes off on a tangent when describing certain things 
Because there is so much detail, it is easy to forget things as the story progresses. 
Author is somewhat repetitive when it comes to Jerry, and while some of it may be built into Jerry's character, I did find it unnecessary.  
Author often changed tenses and it was sometimes confusing. 
After an event occurred sometimes the author would treat the book as if he were writing a screenplay, putting 'And Scene' or things to that affect that were unnecessary and often took away from the story. 

While it seems like I have a lot of criticism's of this book I also have equally as much praise for it, if not more. 'Trust No One' is complex and exhilarating, aggravating and heartbreaking. It is definitely a must-read for any fans of Crime, Thriller or Psychological Thriller books. I will be reading it again soon because it's one of those books you can't put-down; it's one that will need revisiting to pick up on details you maybe glazed over on the first go-round.

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